• With the Aikido Mugenjuku Dojo Stay Program overseas visitors can come and train at Mugenjuku Dojo and receive world class Aikido instruction both from Jacques Payet Shihan and from an international team of instructors in a friendly and supportive environment. We have a number of packages available to make your training as worthwhile as possible.
  • To make your stay more convenient and to allow you to focus on Aikido training, free accommodation is provided. The Mugenjuku apartment is a clean and spacious building located a convenient ten minute walk from the dojo in the heart of Kyoto, the ancient capital of Japan. Kyoto is a beautiful city, rich in cultural heritage, making it the perfect compliment to your training to create a truly memorable visit.


Regular Training

  • Join as many regular training calsses as you wish per day.
  • Come and go to the dojo as you please. As classes are taught in Japanese, translation will be provided.

Private Lessons

  • Train one-to-one with an instructor. The contents of the class can be decided by your grade or you can make specific requests. Our experienced instructors will work with you to provide an interesting and worthwhile training session. Each lesson is ninety minutes.

Private Lesson with Payet Shihan

  • Recieve one-to-one instruction from Payet Shihan(8th Dan). Internationally renowned Payet Shihan is one of Yoshinkan Aikido’s top instructors with over thirty years of Aikido teaching experience. Each lesson is sixty minutes.

Uchi-deshi Experience

  • Our uchi-deshi or “live-in student”experience allows you to spend each day fully immersed in Aikido train-ing. The program involves waking early, cleaning, remembering (some) Japanese phrases, and training hard in both regular classes and instructor training classes.

Price guide

 Per DayMore than a week
Regular Training 4,000 yen Contact us
Uchi-deshi Experience Contact us
Private Lessons 10,000 yen / lesson (90 min)
Private Lesson with Payet Shihan 20,000 yen / lesson (60 min)