• The Mugen Juku Dojo is committed to the teaching of Budo or martial way. Its holistic approach to traditional Yoshinkan training stresses strong posture, constant repetition of basic movements and techniques specifically designed to evelop perfect balance, body center line, focus of power and breath power, while timing and speed are added to achieve extremely powerful techniques with zero strength. Such training develops strong spirit and allows the vital energy of ki to flow at will in the body. At the same time students learn that good technique cannot be achieved without the proper attitude or state of mind. Aikido must be practiced with an open mind in a spirit of compassion and respect for each other. It is only when the body, mind and heart become one and in harmony that the technique is truly expressed. Yoshinkan Aikido is the official martial Art of the Tokyo riot police and compulsory training for Tokyo policewomen, making it a particularly efficient system for self-defense. However the “way” of Aikido is a way of life where“life”confounds with way”. The art of Aikido is the sincere expression of one’s true self by means of the body. The ultimate goal is to express beauty and grace while pursuing self-knowledge and enlightenment.


  • Aikido is a Japanese martial art that does not rely on muscles and strength but concentrates the power of the whole body onto the weak point of an opponent forcing him to cooperate using his own force and momentum.


  • The founder of Aikido is Morihei Ueshiba (1882 – 1969), also known as “O Sensei.” He spent many years studying different styles of Ju-jitsu and particularly the Daitoryu style of Takeda, in addition to different sword schools. In 1925 Ueshiba sensei developed a new budo or martial art called aikibudo. He transformed the old Ju-jitsu to a refined art of peace. He introduced circular movements, eliminated many of the dangerous and painful locks and throws and emphasized perfect timing, hip power and taught to blend with the opponent instead of direct collision. After World War II, Aikibudo became Aikido.


  • Blend with an attack. Guide an opponent using his own force and momentum. The best Aikido technique is when“you make the one who came to kill you change his mind to become your friend”(Shioda Gozo)