The Mugen Juku Dojo is committed to the teaching of Budo or martial way. Its holistic approach to traditional Yoshinkan training stresses strong posture, constant repetition of basic movements and techniques specifically designed to develop perfect balance, body center line, focus of power and breath power, while timing and speed are added to achieve extremely powerful techniques with zero strength. Such training develops strong spirit and allows the vital energy of ki to flow at will in the body. At the same time students learn that good technique cannot be achieved without the proper attitude or state of mind. Aikido must be practiced with an open mind in a spirit of compassion and respect for each other. It is only when the body, mind and heart become one and in harmony that the technique is truly expressed... [DETAIL]

Aikido Mugenjuku 60th All Japan Yoshinkan Aikido Enbutaikai

On 10/17, Mugenjuku instructors and members from all of our dojos participated in the 60th Yoshinkan Aikido Enbutaikai.
指導者演武 坂本レジ
指導者演武 アンディ・カーター
指導者演武 クリス・クランプトン
模範演武 ジャック・パイエ師範

Jacques Payet Shihan – 60th All Japan / International Enbutaikai

Jacques Payet Shihan – All Japan Budo Federation Enbutaikai

Mugenjuku was invited to participate in the All Japan Budo Federation’s recent enbutaikai at the Kyoto Budokuten.

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Mugenjuku Kenshusei Course

  • The Mugenjuku Kenshusei course will take students, regardless of previous Aikido experience, all the way from the beginning basic movements to advanced techniques and jiyu-wza (freestyle). For students with no previous Aikido experience, it will be possible to reach black belt level. For those with previous experience, it will be possible to increase in rank... [DETAIL]